Elevated Blood Sugar Increases Risk of Alzheimer's

Results of a recent published study show a link between elevated blood sugar and Diabetes, with a dysfunctional gene expression in the brains of those studied. 

A research team from Dr. Pasinetti and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine discovered this novel mechanism which may explain the propensity for those with sugar issues to develop Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The dysfunctional gene expression in the brain plays a critical role in maintaining the structural integrity of brain regions associated with learning.

In subsequent studies, Dr. Pasinetti has verified this hypothesis both in the laboratory and by post-mortem examination of human brains. This is ground-breaking in that at least 60% of Alzheimer’s disease patients had at least one serious medical condition associated with Diabetes. 

The final conclusion is that Diabetes and elevated sugar levels create epigenetic changes in the brain that actually promotes onset, and progression, of Alzheimer’s disease. Epigenetic changes are chemical changes in the brain which can change DNA that effect gene expression. They do not actually alter genetic code but just the expression of gene themselves.

 Since we now know for a fact that elevated blood sugar leads to a dramatic increase in various diseases, our society needs to start changing how we approach this condition. It now appears that most of the diseases which are epidemic in our society are connected to elevated sugar levels in the body. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, heart attack, and stroke, along with several other conditions, are now all linked to elevated sugar levels. 

The most successful advice from world renowned healers is to change your diet, along with consumption of essential nutrients which may assist the body in controlling sugar levels. There are 46 essential nutrients that the body must have in order to maintain optimal health based on the SONA (Suggested Optimal Nutrient Allowance) study, the longest study of its kind ever conducted. Many of the key minerals spelled out, such as chromium and selenium, are critical for proper blood sugar balance. Omega 3 is also proving to be essential. Eating single ingredient foods, drinking water, reducing the overall quantity of food consumed, along with an exercise program to build muscle and burn sugar, is essential to long-term health. New research on Humulones (a specialized hops extract) and the health improvement they can have on your system by clearing the liver of toxins while helping improve sugar levels, are also very promising. (See our products for Blood Sugar Health.)

With over 100 million Americans in need of better sugar balance, we would do well to begin now to stem the rise of disease that is consuming our nation’s health and finances.