High Blood Sugar & the Cancer Link

There are studies now which link elevated blood sugar to an increase in the risk of cancer. We already know from previous studies that elevated blood sugar increases the risk for heart attack and stroke, in addition to causing an increased risk for Alzheimer’s and Dementia. 

The studies indicate that it may actually be the high levels of insulin that are the real culprit for an increase in the risk of colon, breast, prostate, pancreatic, and endometrial cancers, as well as other cancers. 

To understand the relationship to elevated sugar, one must understand that as blood sugar rises, typically insulin levels also rise. With Prediabetes or Diabetes, insulin resistance on the cell walls rises as well. That means it takes a higher level of insulin to shuttle the circulating glucose into cells where it can be burned as fuel, which, in turn, creates a higher circulating insulin level to attempt to bring down the glucose levels. 

This holds true in most circumstances, until the pancreas can no longer produce enough insulin to bring down the sugar levels to a normal level. 

When Type II Diabetics are unable to bring down their glucose levels, a doctor may use insulin to bring down the blood sugar levels to a safe range where the sugar levels are not causing damage. However, studies now show that injecting therapeutic insulin clearly increases the risk of cancer. Duration of insulin treatment is associated with a positive increase in cancer risk. Of course, the pharmaceutical industry is not happy with the study’s results as it risks losing huge sums of money with this news. They are hoping new studies will show a different outcome. 

More rapid tumor growth is also linked to high levels of circulating insulin levels. Without getting too technical, it appears in the studies that this increase in insulin causes an increase in the growth hormone IGF-1. Previous studies have indicated a connection between height and cancer incidence. Since the IGF-1 hormone is tied to childhood development and is actually given to increase growth for some specific conditions, it appears that the studies are finding a direct correlation on incidence of cancer and circulating IGF-1. 

Obesity increases several of the risk factors for increased cancer. And now, both Diabetes and obesity, two of the epidemics that are sweeping our country, are tied to an increase in cancer. Can anyone not think that the growth hormones which the dairy industry injects into the cattle to produce so much milk, have any impact on diabetes, obesity, and cancer? And what about the growth hormones injected into food sources to increase the growth rate of our animal meats which are such a staple of the American diet? It is unfortunate that the American public is so naïve and uninformed. But until enough people truly understand what is going on in our health and food industries, and the serious impact it has on their health, the call to force meaningful, positive changes will not occur.

So until such changes happen, what can you do to protect your health? Following are some positive steps to can take: 

  • Change your diet - stop eating so much food, and start making healthier food choices.
  • Control your blood sugar and your weight.
  • Get the right nutrients in your body, such as those outlined in the SONA (Suggested Optimal Nutrient Allowances) study. Taking our Essential Vitamins Plusformulated based on the findings of the SONA Study, can help you get all those nutrients.
  • Take advantage of ingredients such as humulones, a specialized hops extract, with a track record of helping your body deal with insulin resistance. (See our Blood Sugar Health products.) The product that contains the isohumulones is known as Blood Sugar Control.

Remember, keeping your blood sugar in the healthy range helps keep insulin levels lower. And that is absolutely critical to reducing your risk of cancer.