How to Block Fat Absorption from Food

For many consumers, the foods they love happen to be high in fat or high in sugar (by way of simple carbohydrates). While there have been numerous new products introduced in the marketplace to fight and minimize carbohydrate absorption, there has been little in the way of proven fat blockers.

There has been a drug sold known (as Alli) that blocked the absorption of fat in the diet; however, the side effects were most unpleasant. That all changed when scientists at Grand Valley State University patented FBCx, currently found in the product named FAT DEFENSE produced by Pharma Defense.
What exactly is FAT DEFENSE? Unlike Alli and other products that attempt to block fat, FAT DEFENSE contains a special fiber (FBCx) that actually absorbs the fat in the foods you eat. That is a big difference from all other products, as it simply becomes waste material instead of being absorbed through your small intestine.
The special fiber FBCx in FAT DEFENSE absorbs 9 times its weight in fat and you are easily able to eliminate 500-600 calories a day from your diet. For most people that have a stable weight, removing 500 calories a day results in a safe, one-pound-a-week weight loss, with no other changes in the diet or exercise. That can equate to 50 pounds a year if you lost a pound a week. However….just don’t start cheating and eating more food, since you know you can block the fat you consume!
Of course, adding in any additional exercise or a reduction in food consumption can dramatically increase your weight loss. This is all done without taking stimulants that impact your metabolism, or harsh chemicals that can alter your system. By simply having the fat adhere to this fiber, you can safely reduce your body weight in a nice and steady way.
FBCx in FAT DEFENSE has been clinically proven to absorb up to 9 times its weight in fat. You simply take the FAT DEFENSE capsules prior to consuming foods with fat. FAT DEFENSE then blocks the fat from being absorbed into your system by adhering the FBCx fiber to the fat in the food.
FBCx has actually been used by many stars, and has been featured on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards. You can find FAT DEFENSE on Amazon, or call 1-800-380-9440 to place an order by phone. For a little over $1 a day, you can be on your way to a healthier and slimmer body.
Start today and make a positive change in your life!