In July 2015, Clinical Nutrition published an article based a recent study conducted on adults between the ages of 60 and 85. The study showed a significant change in muscle strength and muscle volume in participants after 6 months of taking a fish oil-derived Omega 3, as compared to a control group with no other changes.

At the beginning of the study, the investigators verified numerous strength and volume measurements to create a baseline for the study. At the end of 6 months, they again measured hand strength, thigh muscle volume, upper body strength, lower body strength, and a leg kinetic power measurement.

The results showed an increase in all measurements for the random group that took fish oil-derived Omega 3 oils. This has significant implications, and suggests that continued supplementation with a quality Omega 3 - such as Omega 3,6,9 manufactured for Pharma Defense - may help maintain physical independence as the population ages.

One of the frustrating aspects of aging is lack of strength and mobility, which can limit what a person is able to do as they age. This study proves again that proper supplementation can make a dramatic impact on our quality of life as we age. 

Muscle loss naturally occurs as we age, as well as when we are recovering from surgery or periods of inactivity. It is one of the reasons we need to stay active, eat the right foods, lift weights, and take in the additional supplements that are difficult to obtain from a healthy diet alone.

This latest study is yet another confirmation of the benefits resulting from a healthy lifestyle, coupled with proper supplementation. Taking a quality vitamin/mineral complex (SONA Vitamins), a blended essential oil with Omega 3 (Omega 3,6,9), and getting the 8 amino acids that adults need, either through diet and/or a superfood (Greens/Berry), are all incredibly smart decisions to increase your odds of living a healthy life.