Blood Sugar Control (30 Capsules)

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Blood Sugar Contol now in 200mg capsules

Blood Sugar Control is a once a day capsule that has been studied for over 20 years with gold standard double blind clinical trials on both Type 2 Diabetics and Prediabetics.  It has been proven to help maintain healthy glucose levels, healthy triglyceride levels, normal blood pressure, and normal cholesterol by its ability to help the body with getting glucose to enter the cells and get out of the blood stream.  In addition it can  detox and metabolize (remove) fats from the liver improving liver health (the bodys main purificaton organ).  Blood Sugar Control may help repair liver damage  Elevated sugar levels have been shown to dramatically increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, blindness, amputation, nerve damage, kidney damage, infections, impotence, premature aging, hardening of the arteries, and infections with slow wound healing.  You owe it to yourself and loved ones to try to keep your blood sugar levels in a healthy range through patented products like Blood Sugar Control with a healthy diet and exercise program.

Serving size--one capsule. Patented formula of humulones extrated from Humulus Lupulus L..Other ingredients veggie capsule with caster oil.

Rising blood sugar is an epidemic. The longer your blood sugar stays at an elevated level, the more damage is occurs. Serious disease and health risk are he results. Blood sugar reading that start to get into the 90's are a concern. At levels of 110 for just two hours capillary damage begins to occur. Damage to vision cells begins at levels of 115 and Beta Cell(produces your insulin) dealth begins at levels of 140. 

It's absolutely critical for long tem health to get your blood sugar levels in a healthy range. 

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