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Most powerful immune enhancing combination available with vitamin A and D

Certified organic oregano oil with 80% carvacrol content (industries highest). Black seed oil contains 45mg/dose (industry highest). Studies show these oils have powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal,and antioxidant properties especially benefiical for respiratory ailments. Adding vitamins A and D strengthens the immune system, supports lungs, cardio function, and helps regulate insulin production. No other product on the market has this dosage content in this strength.

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Anti-oxidant and Immune Support

Black seed oil contains 45mg/dose of thymoquinone (highest in the industry). This has 6 health patents. Modern science now has over 500 scientific medical papers showing the benefits in cancer, virus, bacteria and fungal support. It is extremely powerful and provides benefits fo diabetic neuropathy, IBD, liver and the digestive system. It will enhance your immune system.

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King of all Vitamin and Mineral supplements

Essential Vitamins Plus is based on the longest study (15 years) to determine what level of essential nutrients are required for a lifetime of optimal health. Finally, in 2002 the American Medical Association recommended that everyone should take a multivitamin/mineral supplement. Essential Vitamins Plus is the only formulation based on the study known as the SONA Study (suggested optimal nutritional allowance). It identifies the 46 essential nutrients, 23 minerals, 13 vitamins, 8 amino acids, and two essential oils (Omega 3 and 6).  Not only does this product--along with Omega More--contain all the required nutrients (in the proper ratio) but they are in a chelated form which makes the tablets 10 times more absorbable then competitors. Digestive enzymes are included to enhance the absorption. If you can't absorb the nutrients, you are wasting your money on worthless cheap vitamins.

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Perfect blend of the essential fats Omege 3 & 6 with vitamins A, D, & E

Powerful antioxidant that helps maintain cardiovascular health and assists the body in reducing triglycerides. The blend of wild fish oil with primrose and borage oil restores common deficiences that can lead to disease and aging. There is nothing that compares on the market today.  

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Shelf-stable, human strain of probiotics formulated with Inulin

It's important to take the human strain of live cultures that are made to survive and repopulate the intestinal tract. Over 30,000 hospital and clinics use this exact strain since it is well known that introducing soil or other animal bacterial strains into the human body does not work, as they don't survive in the environment. Adding Insulin allows the 2 billion live cultures (third party tested) to colonize and increase 5-10 times. This is critical support for your immune system. Probiotics means agents that protect life.

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Powerful probiotics with protection and repair for the intestinal lining

No refrigeration required with these live cultures of the human bacteria. Helps to alleviate diarrhea and constipation. Helps to improve immune system and inhibits growth of dangerous pathogens. Helps reduce toxic carcinogenic compounds in the intestinal tract.