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Breaks down fat, protein, and carbohydrates for proper absorption in the body

Digest Best is designed to replace digestive enzymes and the enzymes that are lost through cooking. It helps the intestines absorb the nutrients from the foods you consume. The addition of HCI helps with indigestion and soothes the digestive tract. This formula increases the production of hydrochloric acid and may help reduce the risk of gallstones. It may also help prevent mucosal deterioration (protects intestinal lining) and shows benefit for allergies and heartburn.

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Shelf-stable, human strain of probiotics formulated with Inulin

It's important to take the human strain of live cultures that are made to survive and repopulate the intestinal tract. Over 30,000 hospital and clinics use this exact strain since it is well known that introducing soil or other animal bacterial strains into the human body does not work, as they don't survive in the environment. Adding Insulin allows the 2 billion live cultures (third party tested) to colonize and increase 5-10 times. This is critical support for your immune system. Probiotics means agents that protect life.

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Powerful probiotics with protection and repair for the intestinal lining

No refrigeration required with these live cultures of the human bacteria. Helps to alleviate diarrhea and constipation. Helps to improve immune system and inhibits growth of dangerous pathogens. Helps reduce toxic carcinogenic compounds in the intestinal tract.