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Strength, Beauty, Health, and Anti-Aging Nutrient

Provides strength to collagen and elastin tissues (sagging skin). Silicon is essential (must be present) as it is the structural component of connective tissues. It's essential for bone calcification (builds strong bones) and stimulates growth. Silicon is critical for the elasticity of the arterial system (deficiency can cause hardening of the artieries). The body looses silica through hair loss, nail trimming, and urination and it must be constantly replenished. This is sourced through bamboo from India which is the highest source of natural silica in the world.

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Enerex Serrapeptase is the father of Serratio Peptidase, bringing it to North America over 35 years ago.

One of the benefits of so much time experimenting with this proteolytic enzyme is how Enerex has kept at the forfront of providing the most effective product. Many years ago, companies were producing the enzyme as a caplet, but testing showed that occassionally the caplet could break. Not all of the enzyme would get through the stomach acid which destoys the enzyme. We were the first to switch to capsules that are enteric coated, which provides a barrier against the stomach acid. However, due to inconsistant enteric coating it still wasn't good enough. Enerex partnered with a company for a time release capsule that, with clinical testing, proved 100% effective at getting the enzyme where it needs to go to in order to be effective. We are the only company using this proven method. Other companies are still using the antiquated (cheaper) enteric coating. Enerex purity and performance guaranteed.

Serrapeptase is a powerful tool to digest scar tissue in the body and help reduce pain and inflammation. Hundreds of studies prove the benefits for nearly every disease known while also boosting your immune system by digesting the protein coating that pathogens hide in. It won't do you any good unless the enzyme gets into your small intestines where it can be absorbed. That is why Enerex uses third party testing to prove its active enzyme count when you take the product and uses proven and tested time release capsules.