About Us

ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS was established as a supplement supplier of target-specific, pure, and organic vitamins, minerals, and supplements, created without compromise. These products were originally designed for the over 400 health care professionals currently supporting our formulas. They are now made available to the general public. Our targeted approach was from extensive clinical trials, research, and studies proving the synergistic benefits of combining particular ingredients, in the correct proportion and formulation. All of the 30+ years of research was done using only human studies in controlled settings.

Our products are not for the masses, or the bargain hunter who believes they will get good results from an inexpensive, synthetic preparation. It's important to know that simply because a company lists an ingredient, it does not mean that it is from a quality source, or that the beneficial components were not destroyed through manufacturing heat or solvents.


All of our products are designed using the most current scientific research on the role of nutritional supplements in maintaining optimal health throughout one’s lifetime. The development of the Enerex SONA Multi Vitamin is a perfect example.

The American Medical Association has now come out in support of vitamins as leading indicators of good health and longevity. During the 1980’s, the Government funded the longest (15 year) study to determine the Suggested Optimum Nutritional Allowance (SONA) for long-term health. 13,500 people were studied by the University of Alabama, with Emmanual Cheraskin, MD, and W. M. Ringsdorf, MD, resulting in 153 volumes (49,000 pages) of research. 

The knowledge gained from this SONA research study was then used to create the most scientifically proven vitamin/mineral/enzyme formula available - the SONA Multi Vitamin. The majority of vitamin companies base their products on the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA), the health equivalent of minimum wage! And while you can survive on the RDA, or minimum wage, you cannot improve the quality of your life or increase longevity by following minimum guidelines. However, you can achieve optimum health by taking the SONA vitamin in combination with Omega 3-6-9 essential oils, a quality diet, and moderate exercise.

We are committed to providing you the purest, most effective nutritional supplements, based on the best scientific research available today.


Once research is complete, scientists and formulators must extrapolate the exact ratios of individual ingredients which will provide maximum benefit to the end user. Many competing and inexpensive brands list ingredients in ratios that have never been tested, simply so they can say the component is in their formula. They then use questionable marketing claims saying they have discovered some health secret! However, in a measure to save costs (with a total disregard to overall effectiveness), these companies will not list the potency of each vitamin. They apparently believe that listing as many ingredients as possible will impress naïve consumers who do not understand that it is the quantity and potency of each ingredient that has critical impact to overall health and longevity – not how many overall ingredients you can pack into a pill.

It is the combination of correct ingredients in perfectly formulated ratios, based on scientific research, that enable our products to deliver real results.


What good does it do to spend time and money on the best research and formulations, if you are not going to then use the purest ingredients?

Our products use only certified organic and wild crafted raw materials from the most accredited sources. It is not unusual for us to pay four or five times over what some of the discounted products can be purchased for. We choose to do this in order to create our special class of products in which all of the materials meet full pharmaceutical standards for purity and potency.


All of our products meet the stringent Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines as set up by the FDA. This includes strict quality control procedures through every step of the process. All steps include the most advanced technology, and avoid the use of heat or solvents that can denature the delicate ingredients used in the formulas. The manufacturing process used by Enerex Botanicals allows us to guarantee the active ingredients on the date the consumer uses the product.

All of the research would be wasted if the manufacturing process did not protect the ingredients and formulas. For this reason, some of our products are more effective when produced as a tablet so we can better protect it from heat and moisture.

In addition, the finished product must be shielded from oxygen, moisture, and contamination. Enerex Botanicals uses only PETE containers, as compared to 99% of other companies that use HDPE plastic. PETE containers cost more, but they allows us to deliver to you the finest nutritional supplement available, in a container that does not allow impurities in, nor does the packaging itself add contaminants to the product.